Experience the potential of humor and laughter in your work and life




Humor and laughter are like balloons that soften life’s hard knocks. He told us that so we had to pose like this. And we fell for it.

Research demonstrates more and more conclusively that humor and a session of hearty belly laughter produce important physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits as well as a positive influence at the workplace

Positive psychology stresses that the best way to lighten up our attitude and to improve mental health lies in accentuating the positive aspects of our personality, in order to better resist stress, set backs, and depression.

Humor and laughter are within reach of everyone, not just witty people.
To educate, teach, and work by engaging a humorous attitude is much more effective as humor is an excellent tool for communication and cohesion.

What’s more, humor and laughter increase the capacity to:

  • accept ourselves as we are
  • communicate
  • establish rapport
  • relate to one another
  • confront tensions
  • be able to adapt to new situations
  • deal with crises and conflicts
  • have fun and enjoy life.

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