Experience the potential of humor and laughter in your work and life

Clown logo

My program can be summarized, in this Clown logo, where each part represents a basic idea:


  1. Nose: the basis of everything is to have good self-esteem, to be able to laugh at myself.
  2. Smile: a clown always smiles, even when things go wrong.
  3. Eyes: a humoristic vision of life, to see beyond appearances.
  4. Scarf: Communication, relationship, creativity.
  5. Hat: Humor and love form a perfect symbiosis, nurturing one another.
  6. Long scarf: applications to education, work, and life.
  7. Educahumor: A better sense of humor and laughter can be learned.
  8. The clown image isn´t perfect. Me either. To accept this fact with humor and laughter is the key.

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