Experience the potential of humor and laughter in your work and life




This is the way we ended up after the course on humor and laughter.

I always have participants fill out an anonymous questionnaire at the end of the course. This has no scientific validity, but serves as honest feedback for quality control.

“After only a few sessions I learned to be more uninhibited, to lose my fear of what other people think about me. I have learned techniques enabling me to deal with crises in daily life, to see them from a humorous point of view, and to feel that I am capable of making those around me laugh.” (Nurse. Salamanca. 2005.)

“You learn as you go through examples, exercises, and games. It is a perfect combination to grasp concepts and then, reinforce the subject matter learned. We should all take this course once a year to recharge batteries before returning to work.” (High school teacher, Valladolid, 2003.)

“What I liked most was getting back my smile, my hearty laugh, which I thought had been lost. I suggest offering many courses of this type us it leaves one’s mind and body renewed.” (Nurse, Salamanca, October 2005.)

“My 26-year-old son died sixteen years ago. Ever since I have been unable to laugh. Up till now. Thank you.” (Senior Citizen Center. La Cistérniga. Valladolid 2005.)

“You don’t realize what you do to these people! I overheard an elderly nun, her face beaming, confiding to another nun: ´This is the first time I’ve ever popped a balloon with my butt.” Sales representative of a Publishing Company at the FERE lecture Conflicts through Humor.” (Madrid 4-23-2005.)

“A stupid waste of time,” was how a 15-year-old student qualified the First Annual Humor Day at Antonio Machado School, while 92% of the students had rated the experience as “Good” or “Very good.” (Salamanca 1991.)

“What I liked about the course was the realistic approach to teaching, based on your many years of classroom experience. Magic formulas don’t exist.” Teacher Summer course “The Humour and Laughter Potential in Education.” (Salamanca, July 2006.)

I worked as a mountain guide in Central Spain for the Appalachian Mt. Club during five summers for 10-day trips, between 1977 and 1992. Here is their opinion:

“His English is very good, his judgement is sound, and his ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and interests is exceptional. He handles problems and crisis -which will sometimes arise- very appropriately and effectively”. John & Mary. H. Thomson, Leaders of The Appalachian Mountain Club. 1995, after having worked with their groups for five years”.

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