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This is the way I like it! That as your principal you hold me in high esteem.On the count of three we all let go, OK?

For businessmen and companies interested in investing in human resources in order to improve quality of life at the workplace, and, at the same time, to increase production and profits.

Working and having a good time have always been considered opposite concepts. However, this is not necessarily true. It has been discovered that humor and laughter produce enormous benefits in dealing with stress, in achieving greater flexibility and agility in thinking, and in improving communication and relationships. These are attributes which greatly enrich the personalities of employees and managers alike.

The savvy modern businessman knows that a workplace where humor is a common factor has a more dynamic atmosphere, employees experience a greater sense of well being and belonging, customer satisfaction is increased, and production rates rise along with profits. Sharing humor and laughter at the workplace reduces tension and sick days, builds rapport and cohesive teamwork, enhances creativity, and helps retain the best-qualified employees since a job with positive aspects provides for quality of life. Thus, if you would like to manage stress, to see that your employees and colleagues are happy when you speak to them, and to be able to have a good time even under pressure and in demanding situations, then learn how engaging humor as a management attitude offers multiple benefits on a personal as well as corporate level.

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