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German 1 Formal introduction

Germán Payo Losa has degrees in Teacher Education, Theology and English. He has been directing humor workshops for 24 years and teaching adult humor courses in schools, hospitals, universities, companies, and other institutions for 14 years. He created and promoted the project Educate through Humor in the Antonio Machado School (Salamanca, Spain,) which has been presented in congresses and workshops all over Spain and in several other countries: France, Australia, Luxemburg, Portugal, Denmark and in the USA (Oakland, Saratoga Springs, NY- Joel Goodman’s Humor Project.) The project has won two national prizes for innovative educational experiences. He has edited two humor magazines (Mascarada and Mascarada Junior,) written books and articles, and he is a member of the International Society for Humor Studies.
Having spent two years in Edinbourgh, GB, and one year and a half in Florida, USA, he offers his courses in both Spanish and English.

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